- Fly Control Line in Comfort!

Enjoy Flying Again with the PilotSeat™!

The PilotSeat™ lets you enjoy flying your control line and/or radio control model airplanes without the fatigue that is normally associated with this sport.

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The PilotSeat was developed by and for flyers who cannot stand for prolonged periods of time or who cannot perform the turning necessary to pilot a control line aircraft or sustain the equilibrium necessary for R/C aircraft. Using the power of a .19 sized (or larger) engine, the pilot can sit comfortably while the aircraft turns both pilot and seat.

Because the pilot does not have the ability to backstep to maintain line tension, the PilotSeat should be used by experienced solo pilots who can recognize and avoid potential control loss situations.

Control of the lower body and legs is necessary to start turning at take off and stop turning at landing, as well as to remain seated during flight. Accordingly, the PilotSeat is intended for those flyers who have such body control, but lack the endurance or equilibrium to fly control line or R/C aircraft. It is not suitable for paralyzed individuals who lack such control.

Designed to be light-weight, comfortable, and easy to use, the PilotSeat™ can be quickly stowed for easy transportation to the flying field. Once there, it can be easily deployed within seconds and wheeled out into the field.

Whether the airplanes you fly are low speed or fast movers, precise control is required to achieve maximum performance. The PilotSeat™ allows you to focus your attention on flying the aircraft and fine-tune your skills as a pilot. For the best experience, we recommend using a motor of .19 size or greater.


The PilotSeat™ is constructed using durable materials and precision craftsmanship for years of flying enjoyment. The seat assembly is well balanced and floats on an industrial strength bearing to allow for easy rotation. • Solid welded steel construction
• Black enamel finish
• Removable handle bar for easy entry
• Weighs 36 pounds
• Towbar makes moving and setup easy
• Supports up to 350 pounds
• Specially designed pivot provides smooth seat rotation
• Breaks down into 4 pieces for easy transport
• Fits into a 2'x2'x1' space for storage (when totally disassembled)

Note: Not intended for use by paraplegic or quadraplegic persons. Do not use without handlebar. Chair base must be leveled and solid to perform correctly (i.e. no rocking).

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