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Bob, Tom, and little brother Don in Detroit, 1955My brother Bob and I developed an interest in aviation (ie, anything that flies) at very early ages in the early 1950s, in large part due to the fact that our father was in the Army Air Corps in the late 1920s at March Field, CA. From then on it was an uphill climb. First love was control liners. Throughout the years we kept active in the sport as time and circumstance allowed.O. A. Labadie Jr. at March Field, CA in the late 1920s next to a Consolidated PT-3 Husky

In later years my brother Bob developed health problems that interfered with his balance and ability to pivot in a circle (really necessary for control line flying). Bob continued pursuing the activity in part; building, designing, and assisting at the flying field. But still, NO FLYING - BUMMER!

By March 2004 we needed a solution... So, in the spring of 2004 we banged our heads together and came up with one - a very good one. The Pilot Seat!

At first Bob was reluctant - but with plenty of urging and nagging, his wife Gloria and I persuaded him to try the chair method. Then in late May of 2005 I got the phone call - "Hey Tom, I flew today!!!". I don't think Bob's feet have really touched the ground since. We have worked very closely in the design, engineering, and testing of this product. As a result, my brother has been able to resume an activity that makes him happy and in his case has helped improve his physical health by allowing him to be more physically active in what he really enjoys. What you see on this web site is the production model. The concept model was slightly different and was featured in AMA magazine in 2005.

Control line flyers are not the only ones affected by balance and leg problems. This chair works for RC flyers that have equilibrium problems. Case in point - one RC club in Lansing Michigan has a member that cannot look up and stay on his feet. As a temporary measure, the club stationed a pole on the field for him to lean on to keep his balance while flying. This chair would provide him with a portable, stable base to work from.

It is our sincere hope that the PilotSeat™ will bring back the joy of flying to many who are unable to take part in this activity.Bob and Dad in Detroit


Bob & Tom Labadie